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Oh, Dallas!

Lots of room for folks at the Maple Leaf Diner

Have you guys ever been to Canada? I have. It's pretty dope. Yup, it's as cold (temperature wise) as you think it would be. And the people are as friendly as you've heard. And the food is pretty tasty. So it's basically an awesome place to visit. If you are in Dallas, you are in luck. We have a place that gives you just a bit of that Canada feeling right in the Lone Star State.

Tasty mimosas! They offer a variety of juices.

Maple Leaf Diner brings a bit of that Canadian feeling to north Dallas. Their specialty? All day breakfast. Which means daily brunch! As its name implies, maple is a big thing here. So that means there are a number of breakfast pastries that call for decadent maple syrup (by the way, they DO sell 100% maple syrup here!). Pancakes, french toast, waffles, you name it. They have diner classics like burgers and fries, experimental items like their pizza topped burger, and even a bakery filled with freshly made fries and cookies. They also have Canadian classics like Poutine and Canadian bacon. They've been featured on the Food Network, Travel Channel, and Paula Deen Magazine. Plus they offer beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. Maple Leaf Diner is all about satisfying whatever your appetite is craving.

The Sasquatch was a great brunch drink. Definite recommendation!

First thing to understand about Maple Leaf Diner (aside from the fact that they were voted best breakfast last year by D Magazine readers) is that they open at 7 AM. So if you are an early riser AND a brunch lover, you're in luck. This is definitely the spot to head to. Yes, they serve brunch beverages at 7 AM (aside from Sundays--Texas liquor laws require that.) so no need to wait if you want to get your drink on. Speaking of drinks, they offer Bloody Marys, Bloody Caesars (instead of the traditional tomato juice base of a Mary, the Caesar uses a clam-spiked tomato base like Clamato), mimosas, and other cocktails. We opted for mimosas--pineapple and cranberry. They were just okay. It was about a 50/50 ratio of champs to juice, served in a champagne flute. Even my brunch date commented that the serving size was pretty small for $6 a glass and I agree. And there aren't any carafe specials here so keep that in mind as well. My brunch date also ordered The Sasquatch. It's made with Yukon Whiskey & pineapple and was pretty damn good as well. I would opt for this next time.

The Chicken, Bacon, and Waffles is not to be missed. Don't worry about the calories--just go for it!

On to the food. Can't come to a Canadian spot without getting something that calls for maple syrup, so I went for the Chicken, Bacon, & Waffles. A fluffy waffle stack topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, then topped with hand battered chicken tenders and slices of bacon. Plus a skewer of cream puffs from the bakery. It's a decadent dish. It's a beautiful dish. And it was a great meal. The best way to go at it is to ask for an extra plate so you can deconstruct the leaning tower of deliciousness. The bacon gave the dish a bit of saltiness that complimented the sweetness of the meal. The battered chicken tenders were great--not too much breading and full of seasoning. It was probably one of the best chicken tenders I've in Dallas.

The Irish Corned Beef Hash offered a twist on traditional corned beef has by adding banana peppers.

My brunch date ordered the Irish Corned Beef Skillet. Sauteed corned beef with bell peppers, banana peppers, potatoes, and onions, and topped with two eggs, any style. The banana peppers brought a slight sourness to the dish that paired excellently with the corned beef. It was a great surprise. The meal is pretty huge as well. Two people could easily eat off of one order.

Brunchlust Rating: A This is a great place that offers something for every kind of palate out there. And let it be known that early arrivals are best. Otherwise your wait could be quite lengthy.

12817 Preston Rd #129

Dallas, TX


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