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Get Cozy at Crinkles

Crinkles & Company has such a cute interior. There's also a side bar area, complete with a large flat screen TV!

Fun Fact: My zodiac sign is Cancer. That means that I'm somewhat emotional, will fight for my friends, and sometimes goes into my shell. So I have a soft spot for things that give me comfort. Soft, warm blankets. Freshly laundered bedsheets. Hugs from my favorite people. And places that make me feel like I'm home. So it makes me extra excited when I discover something that makes me feel at ease. And bonus points when I can find that in a brunch location.

Love this mural. It screams "brunch and chill."

So in comes one of my new favorite spots: Crinkles & Company. This cozy breakfast focused restaurant in the Cedar Springs area of Dallas is tucked away on a somewhat quiet side street. It seems to be a popular spot, especially among nearby residents. During my time there, many folks simply pulled up to the curb and came in for a quick coffee to go. And I don't blame them. The seating just invites people to come, sit down, and talk over great food. The windows in the front of the restaurant are lined with bar seating (great for people watching!) There are also a few hightop tables, booth seating, and there's even a giant round table that can seat a large group. Plus add in a giant BRUNCH wall sign and a huge mural and it's a great spot all around.

Simple and perfect.

Okay, enough gushing about that. Let's get to the food. They offer a few options. Lots of breakfast drinks, like coffee, tea, lattes and the like. AND they do offer brunch drinks. We opted to have the mimosa carafe with pineapple juice. It was the perfect ratio of champs to juice--and you KNOW we are stingy about that.

Again, simple and perfect. No surprise!

For the food, I opted to have a "comfort food" type of plate. I had the Touchdown Omelette. Three eggs, bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos (drool!!!), and cheddar cheese. I actually asked if they could make it a scramble instead and they did! Add a side of breakfast potatoes and a homemade biscuit and I was in hog heaven. It was simple but delish. Just honestly good food. My brunch date opted for the Grandpa's Favorite--straight forward and to the point breakfast meal. Two eggs, cheesy garlic breakfast potatoes, bacon, and a homemade biscuit. Again, just delicious all around.

Brunchlust Rating: A With a brunch that lasts past the typical 3 PM window, it's one of the longest (time wise) brunches in the city and a solid brunch spot that won't let you down. Best of all?? BRUNCH. EVERY. DAY.

4000 Cedar Springs Rd, Suite E

Dallas, TX

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