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Toni Nic, Co-Founder
Toni Nic, Co-Founder

Toni Nic has had a long time love affair with brunch. Proudly boasting her love of champagne and food, brunch is a hobby of her. Whether it's at the latest brunch spot in town or in the comfort of her own home, Toni is truly filled with Brunchlust.

Nikki B, Co-Founder

If there was a ever a professional bruncher, Nikki B would be one of the greats. Most weekends you will definitely find Nikki B sipping on Poinsettias and noshing on brunch time delicacies. Brunchlust is what happens when Nikki B hits the brunch streets. 

Brunchlust is your guide to the best locations and parties that take your brunch experience to another level. Based in Dallas, TX, our reviews will guide you through the Big D and worldwide. With new reviews posted weekly, you get the latest and greatest brunch information that this brunch life has to offer.

Welcome to Brunchlust.

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