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Brunch & Bubbles At State & Allen

State & Allen offers complimentary mini muffins

Welcome to State & Allen. Probably one of the easiest restaurants to locate in Dallas, as it's on the corner of State Street and Allen Street. Divided into 3 eating areas and sporting a wraparound outdoor patio, it's a happy medium of quaint, neighborhood spot meets Uptown chic.

Brunch at State & Allen is almost like a well kept secret. It's rare to have a wait longer than 30 minutes and the atmosphere is always festive. State & Allen also goes out on a ledge and hosts Uptown's only Bloody Mary Bar. While many brunch spots capitalize on Mimosa Bars, State & Allen invites you to get creative with your Bloody Mary. Items such as okra, asparagus, bacon, and jalapeños are just waiting for your creative palates.

State & Allen's Chicken & Waffle

During this particular brunch trip, I had a southern cuisine staple: Chicken & Waffle. State & Allen's version boasts fluffy Belgian waffle wedges, a crispy chicken breast, eggs your way and warmed maple syrup. While many places often stack their version of this dish and drench it in country gravy, I love the simplicity of State & Allen's version. The chicken is crispy yet juicy and flavorful. The Belgian waffle boasts a crispy outer crust and soft waffle goodness in each bite. And the eggs your way allow you to polish off this dish in whatever way your flavor leads you. I find soft scrambled eggs with a couple dash of hot sauce and salt & pepper have the right amount of kick to compliment everything.

Bucket o' Champ Splits!

One of my favorite parts of State & Allen's brunch? If you so happen to stick around to post brunch hours, starting at 3 PM, champagne splits are half off. You can even order a bucket of 6 champagne splits! Champagne lovers rejoice!

Brunchlust Brunch Rating: A+ The brunch is pretty simplified, with 15 items to choose from. But State & Allen knows how to do those entrees right. Always dependable and always tasty, it's hard to beat a Sunday Funday at this spot.

2400 Allen Street

Dallas, TX 75204

Brunch hours: Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 3 pm

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