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The Caged Bird Sings

The Caged Bird is much bigger inside. You really can't tell from the street.

Washington D.C. Probably one of the first places that come to mind when I think of places that go hard on brunch, like we do in Dallas. But I have to give it to them--D.C. offers a much wider selection that I've experienced in the Big D. So I was totally excited to take time to explore this great city and try a variety of spots. Along the next few weeks, I'll share all of the places that I got to explore. But for now, it's start with one of the newest spots to hit the nation's capital: The Caged Bird.

Located near Dupont Circle, The Caged Bird is restaurant and bar that is Black-owned and less than a year old. The outside of the establishment is straight forward, with their logo and times displayed prominently. Upon entering, you get the feeling like you've found this soulful, chilled out, and all around dope spot that only the coolest people on the block know of. Seating consists of stools along the bar, high tops directly across from the bar, and a mix of tables and sofa seating at the rear. They also have a lower level, that has another bar and seating, which is opened up for busier times. Overhead, a sound system bumps a mix of the latest R&B, hip hop, and neosoul hits, with some old school jams mixed in between. It felt like visiting a friend. I loved the place even before digging into my meal.

The Bottomless Mimosa and Entree deal is only $35. Do it!

Speaking of, let's talk about drinks. So unlike Dallas, DC brunches feature one of my favorite things: bottomless mimosas! Okay, okay. I know what you are thinking. You're thinking that I love wine so clearly I'm gonna love being able to drink my fill and then some of my beloved sparkling wine. Yes, that's one benefit. But the main benefit is, is that bottomless drinks are just so cost efficient! For the price of two traditional drinks, you can have your fill! I mean, it makes sense. Especially in this economy. At The Caged Bird, their bottomless comes with your choice of juice--orange, cranberry, and pineapple were my choices. I went with pineapple. The champs to juice ratio was just right. The bartender filled the carafe with a bottle of sparkling, then added the juice. No complaints from me here.

The Jerk Steak & Eggs. Perfection on a plate.

On to the food. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that I have found one of the best brunch entrees that I've ever had, in the history of Brunchlust. I had the amazing Jerk Steak & Eggs. Yes. It was as good as it sounds. A slow braised steak that's been kissed by jerk seasoning and prepared with diced bell peppers and onions, sitting along side eggs made to order, buttered toast, and freshly cut Cajun home fries. My lord, the flavors swirling in my mouth with each bite made me dance in my seat. And the portion size is pretty generous. I had enough to eat and fill up at brunch AND take leftovers for later on that night. I have no hesitation to go back to this spot upon my return to DC.

Brunchlust Rating: A- As a new establishment, there were their share of bumps along the way. The food took a while to come out (20 to 30 minutes) and there was only one bartender who was splitting his time with checking on the kitchen. However, he made sure that my carafe stayed full and I was in no rush to get anywhere so I didn't mind waiting. If you're wanting an all around dope spot to enjoy brunch with friends and you don't have any kind of time constraints, then this is perfect for you.

1723 Connecticut Ave NW

Washington, DC


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