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Brunch is Easy as PIE

PIE 3.14 shines like a beacon in the middle of the Castle Hills neighborhood of Lewisville

I don't know about you but I tend to go on adventures around the city. I don't mind driving. Long distances or short, as long as I have a vehicle, gas, and time, I'm down to hit the road. These adventures often lead to some amazing discoveries that I would have never come across before. That's exactly the case with PIE 3.14 EVERYDAY EATERY. I was out exploring one day, was hungry, and discovered this awesome, nearly hidden restaurant in the middle of the Castle Hills neighborhood in Lewisville, Texas. Sidenote: for the uninitiated, Lewisville is about 30 minutes northwest of Dallas. Totally drive-able.

The restaurant itself is spacious and features a covered patio (that's equipped with fans for the hot days and heaters for the cold ones) plus a little side room that I believe can be rented out for parties. It's a pretty dope little spot, feature comfortable booths, high-top seating, and a graffiti wall. And you can tell it's a neighborhood favorite as well. I've been a few times and it's never not had people hanging out on the patio or at the bar.

Perfect Poinsettia and the Green Eggs and Ham. Simple, delicious, perfection.

Let's discuss the beverages. I, of course, had my usual--poinsettia. It was the perfect ratio of juice to champs. By the way, mimosas are only $7 and refills are only $1. *insert raised hands emoji here* A few folks in my party also ordered Bloody Marys and they thoroughly enjoyed them.

On to the food! I had the Green Eggs and Ham--scrambled eggs (scrambled slowly, according to them), pesto, and speck ham. Served over a few slices of soft french bread and topped with freshly shredded parm. It's very much a comfort meal and I find it hard to believe that anyone would be disappointed with it. It was simple, delicious, and filling. My friend ordered the Eggs Benedict and said it was perfectly done. If you are a lover of poached eggs, you won't go wrong with this dish.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful Eggs Benny??

Brunchlust Rating: A This place has been one of those that I want to share but don't want to at the same time, because it's like the best kept secret ever. But the masses need to learn about this place. Just make sure you save a spot for me.

2560 King Arthur Boulevard, #100

Lewisville, TX

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