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Taste The Brunch Rainbow at Halcyon

Bright and modern--Halcyon feels sunny and friendly.

I love colors. Especially bright, warmer colors. They make me happy. So when I walked into Halcyon (pronounced HAL-see-on), I instantly fell in love. It's so bright and colorful and open. Simple pops of vibrant color on white. I mean, the fact that I was about to drink sparkling cocktails and eat food already had me happy but the decor and feel of Halcyon just put the icing on the cake.

It's like a mimosa rainbow! YYYAAASSSS!

So let's jump right into the review. First up: mimosas! They offer your standard OJ mimosa plus a slew of other juice flavors. I ordered the mimosa flight--four 5 ounce pours of mimosas of your choice. I had pear, grapefruit, Aloha (think tropical fruits), and mango. The pours were very generous and all of the flavors were amazing. I'd like to highlight that the mango mimosa comes with a spicy chili mixed rim and it absolutely complimented the flavor. The juice to champs ratio was pretty good. I usually like mine more bubbles than juice and want my beverages to look more like a blush color but I was pleased with the bubbles.

It tastes as good as it looks. Yes indeed.

For my entree, I opted for the Doomsday Egg Skillet. Scrambled eggs prepared in an individual cast iron skillet featuring ham, bacon, breakfast sausage, potatoes, bell peppers, and cheddar cheese. I imagine it's called Doomsday because if some funky stuff goes left in the world, you need to just grab everything and go. This is pretty much the zombie apocalypse plan of breakfasts. And it's great. I wish the food portion was bigger though. I could have used probably half of a skillet more to be satisfied.

Bonus tip! They actually do a brunch happy hour from 2 - 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. $2 off of brunch drinks. And mimosas are only $3. So that means you can toss back some bubbles for only $1 a pop. Budget friendly drinking--I like that.

Brunchlust rating: A- The minus is only because I want them to invest in bigger portion sizes. It's a shame to tease us with good food in small plates!

2900 Greenville Ave

Dallas, TX

Brunch hours: Saturday & Sunday 8am-2pm

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