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Blast Off at Rocket Coffeebar

Rocket Coffeebar in Bangkok, Thailand

I love traveling to new places. Especially if I can travel to an international destination. My very low goal is to leave the U.S. at least once a year but I personally let flight deals and sales guide me. This year I got the opportunity to travel to a place I've never been to before -- Bangkok, Thailand. A land filled with lush mountains, pristine beaches, and culinary greatness, Bangkok lived up to my expectations and then some. The people were friendly, the service was fantastic, and the prices were low! If you have any hesitation about visiting, don't let it hold you back. There's so much more to explore in Thailand but as a first introduction, Bangkok was awesome.

Being the brunch enthusiast that I am, I had to locate a brunch spot to review. The brunch movement is indeed international. Sunday brunches are particularly popular. However my dilemma was this: I arrived on a Monday and was leaving on a Saturday. What's a Brunchluster to do? Find an all day breakfast spot that had brunch type meals, that's what!

Rocket Coffeebar was tucked deep in the streets of Bangkok. We actually got dropped off down the street and had to walk to the location (I'm certain this was an attempt to get us to explore a tourist trap but I wasn't mad.) Bangkok is very walk-able and we didn't have any trouble at all finding the store front. Rocket Coffeebar was a stylish, small, neighborhood coffee bar that specializes in serving all day breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and of course, coffee beverages. They even bake! We walked into a bright and airy establishment that smelled like heaven.

Hot Chocolate at Rocket Coffeebar

Now get this: at the time, it was about 90 degrees in Thailand. But that didn't stop me from trying out their version of hot chocolate. The menu has pictures of everything so when I saw this beautiful fudge on a stick next to a large cup of rich and warm cream, I couldn't resist. You take the fudge stick and stir it into the hot cream to make your hot chocolate. LISTEN. It was so decadent and chocolately! I didn't even let all of the fudge melt and started eating it straight off the stick.

But don't worry, I also did my due diligence and had an adult brunch beverage. The Aperol Spritz was made up of sparkling wine, aperol, soda, and slices of fresh orange. It was refreshing and a lovely brunch beverage. Other people in my group also had the Lychee and Kaffir Crush and a beautifully made cappuccino. Every one enjoyed their drinks.

On to the food! I partook of the Maiden Plate -- 2 soft boiled eggs, smoked salmon on toast, avocado, dill creme, and a green and herb salad with honey basalmic dressing. I felt like I needed to enjoy this meal laid up in some luxurious bed. It was simple but beautifully put together and delicious to the palate. If you are a fan of brunch dishes that are light and won't weigh you down, this is definitely for you. My group also enjoyed as custom made pancakes, bacon, and eggs platter plus Aglio E Olio -- spaghetti, bacon, prawns, garlic, olive oil, peppercorns.

Brunchlust Rating: A Superb service, beautiful environment, and the locals love it. An absolute recommendation!

Sathorn Soi 12 Location

147 Soi Sathon 12

Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand

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