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Clean Eats At Mudhen

Mudhen is a huge restaurant!

Farm fresh. Organic. Gluten free. These words can often strike fear into the hearts of people, while others cheer. One set of people think that food lacking nitrates and sweeteners and artificial whatever will end up tasting like cardboard. Others embrace things that taste like they just literally pulled them from the earth. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, just know that Mudhen Meat and Greens is the winner for all in this fight. Mudhen boasts themselves as "a destination for folks that are particular about what food they put in their mouths. We are not a health food restaurant, but will offer a huge assortment of healthful options, for those who care. For those that yawn at the thought of healthy eating, we also offer food that just tastes good, feels good, and won't kill you." With a restaurant setting that is part contemporary bar, part barn inspired, they live this "eat clean if you want to" type of lifestyle very well.

A beautifully made Poinsettia.

I hit up Mudhen on a solo brunch excursion one rainy Dallas day. This worked to my advantage, as Mudhen was pretty packed for anyone in a group of 3 people or more. A note of advice: it's worth taking the time to make an online reservation or giving them a call, in the event that it's busy. My first order of business was my favorite brunch cocktail: a Poinsettia. No, there are no carafe specials here but they DO order small and larger versions of a number of brunch beverages for $6 or $12, respectively. I had no plans so I went for the $12 beverage. And let me tell you, it was indeed worth it. It was basically the equivalent to two (maybe even 2 1/2) servings of Poinsettia. Because it's an organic-ish restaurant, it tasted like fresh cranberry juice was used. Not to mention the champs/juice ratio was spot on--it was a fabulous drink. Cheers to the bartenders.

For my meal I ordered the Carnivore Scramble. Meat lovers, this is for you. Applewood smoked bacon, Duroc ham, and pork sausage, scrambled up in some tasty farm fresh eggs. Literally meat and eggs. With a healthy bunch of greens on top. And don't think that the portion size would be lacking. It comes in a hearty bowl and is extremely filling. And I must also mention that they also have this hot sauce on the table called Southern Art. I love hot sauce. I love hot sauces that not only bring the heat but also bring the flavor. Southern Art hot sauce is one of the best hot sauces that I've ever had. It added the perfect heat and flavor to my Carni-bowl.

Brunchlust Rating: A I literally have nothing bad to say about Mudhen. The people, the food, the vibe of this's a new favorite for me.

900 S. Harwood St

Dallas, TX 75201

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