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Get Cozy At The Shack

I love hitting the road and discovering new places along the way. I've only had the pleasure of rolling through St Louis, Missouri twice but I've enjoyed it incredibly. It very much reminds me of my childhood on the east coast. For this particular trip through the Lou, I decided to explore what the brunch flow was like.

The Clayton Road location of The Shack

The Shack is relatively unassuming on the outside. It's in a shopping mall center and, aside from the funky establishment sign, it looks like it would be a standard open setting restaurant. But when you enter in, you find that the theme of "The Shack" flows throughout. The restaurant is sectioned off into several areas, sporting seating from tables and chairs to booths and bar stools. Each section is partitioned off with wooden slats and barn doors. And they have fun with it--the wooden surfaces are open to tagging. The waiters carry markers; all you have to do is ask and you can mark your name to be remembered forever in Shack history. Now, onto the food!

Poinsettia and the White Trash Screwdriver.

For beverages, I had my traditional poinsettia. It was a decent one--a little heavy on the cranberry juice, but it was a pretty big serving size. And no, no carafe specials here. Pay by the glass in the name of the game. We also ordered the White Trash Screwdriver--vodka, orange juice, and pear cider. We both felt like the drink sounded great on paper but the amount of ice used really killed the drink. Don't let it sit around if you want to really appreciate it.

I have to say, it was really hard to pick a dish to try. They had several items that I wanted to taste. But I settled on my tried and true favorite, Country Fried Steak. The portion size was very hefty. I couldn't even fit in the whole thing before throwing in the towel! But the steak was fried to perfection and was juicy on the inside. The side eggs were fluffy and the hash browns were crisp. Absolutely no complaints. Other dishes that made it to the table and were loved by all: the Mexican Stand-Off (chorizo! green chiles! eggs! bell peppers! cheese! hashbrowns!), the Granola & Fruit Parfait (the fruit was incredibly fresh), and a HUGE Chocolate Chip Pancake.


Brunchlust Rating: A I really have no complaints. Even the staff was great. The manager came over and told me she loved Brunchlust as well. This place is definitely Brunchlust approved! When you stop by, see if you can find our logo tagged on the wall!

14810 Clayton Road

Chesterfield, MO

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