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The Beautiful Views of Sundown...At Granada

Sundown At Granada

Lower Greenville is one of the most ecclectic spots in Dallas. You can find restaurants of all types, clothing options from new to vintage, music venues, wine bars...the list goes on. In my many years of riding up and down Greenville, I've driven past the Granada Theater a great number of times. But today I chose to stop and check out their neighboring beer garden, Sundown At Granada. Sundown At Granada "provides a beer selection of over 60+ beers, largest patio on Lower Greenville, Farm to Table food featuring Grass Fed Beef, Specialty Cocktails and plenty of Vegan and Vegetarian options." They even have a garden in the back where they source the ingredients for their dishes. It's quite a progressive experience in a historic section of Dallas.

Such a delicious carafe!

Let's start where we always do: the drinks. Mark this down everyone: yes, they have carafe specials. $2 per glass or $8 carafes. The carafes are generously poured and not weighed down with too much juice. We opted for a poinsettia carafe and it was wonderful. Using freshly juiced cranberries, the carafe was perfectly blush in color and had a great champs ratio.

The Hangover Frittata

For my meal, I opted for the Hangover Frittata--an egg base containing applewood smoked bacon, roasted bell peppers, a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and topped with breakfast potatoes and chives. It was a hearty meal and quite filling. I added a few shakes of hot sauce to give it a kick. It's loaded with belly filling carbs and sure to cure any hangover that you have. Another person in our party had the Crispy Brussels with Red Snapper on the side. She couldn't stop raving on the dish and it certainly looked (and smelled!) delectable.

Crispy Brussels with Red Snapper

Brunchlust Rating: A Couldn't be happier with this choice. It also has a great patio and wasn't too busy. That's such a valuable piece of info for a brunch location in Dallas.

3520 Greenville Ave

Dallas, TX

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