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Follow The DJ In The Harwood District

Welcome to Italy in Dallas!

Music and brunch. I'm such a huge fan of this pairing that it's ridiculous. I mean, bubbles, good food, and jams--how could you not love it? So when I heard that the Harwood District in Dallas was having a DJ brunch series, I jumped all over it. The series kicked off in March. On Saturdays, participating restaurants host a resident DJ during their brunch hours. Every Saturday is at a different location in the Harwood District and each spot offers their own flavor. From brunch buffets to patio brunch, each Saturday experience is different.

Beautiful spot!

On this particular Saturday, I went to the Dolce Riviera DJ brunch. If you took a slice out of Italy and moved it to Dallas, THIS is what you would get. When you first walk in, the very feeling is Sicilian--ivy growing along the walls, an impressive marble bar, couches and pergolas. It's the kind of place that would be great for an small group of friends or an intimate date. It's a dreamy spot and I became an instant fan.

On to the food and beverages! To all my drink special fans...this is not the place for you. You can buy brunch beverages by the glass--mimosas, poinsettias, Bloody Marys, etc. But, since it IS an Italian restaurant, I personally suggest checking out their wine list (which is presented via tablet) and getting your table a bottle (or two. No judgement.) Also, bonus points to you if you know Italian--the entire wine list is written in it.

Simple but tasty.

For my meal, I went simple on this trip. I ordered the Uova al Tegamino--two eggs, bacon, and potatoes. It's a straight forward meal, but you can't be mad at the classics. My eggs over easy was perfectly cooked. And they weren't stingy on the bacon or potatoes. It was a great basic meal.

The DJ set was a good one--a great mix of house, pop, and r&b. I stayed grooving in my seat. Even after the official brunch hours ended, the restaurant put on it's own music track and kept the party going.

Brunchlust rating: B The service and food was good but the atmosphere really takes this place up a notch. Also, get involved with the Harwood District DJ brunch series as soon as you can.

2950 N Harwood St, Suite 115

Dallas, TX

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