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One If By Land, Two If By Brunch: Trinity Groves’ V-Eats and Fat Chicken

Sunday brunch with your friends can lead to random good times…which can also lead to double brunches. V-Eats and Fat Chicken in Dallas’ Trinity Groves area delivered just that.

I have never eaten a vegan meal. But after a suggestion from a vegetarian friend to try out V-Eats, I signed up for my first go-round. V-Eats is a small modern space in Trinity Groves that “specializes in crafting succulent plant-based “meats” that will amaze your taste buds”. Promising the “clever use of cruelty-free ingredients to create the texture and flavors of meat with compassion”, I went in with a skeptical, but open mind.

Let’s start with the brunch cocktails. The “Big D” was a nice serving of champs and cranberry juice. No bottomless cocktails to enjoy here. I opted for the BLTA which came with mushroom bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado on sourdough bread, with a side of country potatoes. The “fake-on” had an odd texture and flavor to it that was hard to get past. I expected more of a smoked flavor. What this reminded me of was the flavor that you would find in a barbecue potato chip. Was it the best thing I’ve ever eaten? No. Was it the worst? No.

I will say that the potatoes were delicious. They had a seasoned coating that made them taste great. I tried a bite of the v-eggs. The consistency was similar to scrambled eggs that were cooked hard.

Friends opted for the Southern Breakfast (cheese grits, scrambled v-eggs, hash browns and sausage), chicken and waffles and chicken fried steak. Comments on the food included that the sausage was a too dry. Made the issue known to the waiter and requested some gravy…only to be brushed off. The chicken fried steak had too much breading.

I say all that to say…

We walked next door to Fat Chicken afterwards. The vegan thing just isn’t for me. My vegetarian friend who suggested the place insisted they were having an off day.

Fat Chicken is a newcomer to the Trinity Groves area. Specializing in fried chicken, Fat Chicken also offers roasted and grilled versions, as well. Any place that has a sign that claims, “fried chicken is universal love” will get an automatic try from me. You’ll also find rustic, farmhouse style décor with an open atmosphere.

The place featured a mimosa bar that contained juices and fruit to mix up your own signature concoction. No bottomless here either. I went with an order of the chicken tenders and donuts. As I’m writing this, I still can’t decide if I liked the chicken or donuts the best. I will say that the chicken could have used a little salt. It missed the mark for me, just a little bit. Would I go again? Yes. Would I go out of my way to do so? Probably not.

Brunchlust Rating:

V-Eats: C My vegetarian friend is already asking when I’m willing to give them another try.

Fat Chicken: B Above average, but I think other places do chicken just a little better.

3011 Gulden Lane

Dallas, TX

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