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All About Chicken at Whistle Britches

Greetings Brunchlusters! This week’s review is all about chicken. Whistle Britches not only specializes in it, but they do it EXTREMELY well.

Located in North Dallas, it’s hard to believe that Whistle Britches used to be a Sonic Drive In when you walk in the place. The décor in this bright and airy place gives you a modern retro feel, with a huge patio. It was a little chilly out so we opted to stay indoors, however sitting near the open doors to the patio gave us just enough to enjoy the sunny day. With live music and a little dancing just nearby, the atmosphere was nice without being pretentious.

We started off with mimosas….of course. You have the option to order by the glass or bottomless. We opted for the latter. Not being a huge fan of orange juice, I asked if there was option to do poinsettias instead of mimosas, but that option is not available if you choose bottomless cocktails. No biggie. Mimosas are served in huge Hurricane-style glasses. Excellent juice to champagne ratio…which means mostly champs in brunch terms. Our server made sure that we pretty much didn’t see the bottom of the glasses.

Is it a mimosa? Or is it a hurricane?

Our group opted to try different dishes. I opted for the Love Me Tender….4 chicken tenders, a biscuit and your choice of potato salad or cole slaw. Our waiter, who gave us fantastic service, explained that Whistle Britches brines their chicken and marinates it overnight. No dry chicken tenders here! And they certainly delivered on that promise. They also offered housemade sauces to dip the chicken in, but it was so flavorful the chicken didn’t need it.

Love Me Tender

On to the sides. The potato salad is unlike any that I’ve ever tasted. Made with sour cream and scallions, it certainly did not disappoint. I also ordered a side of their three cheese macaroni, which came topped with toasted panko. This was fantastic, but needed a little salt. The biscuit came served with housemade jams. It was so buttery, it didn’t need any of them.

Three cheese mac with toasted panko

Another party that joined in the brunch fun opted for the chicken n’ waffles. Her feedback was that the chicken was fantastic, but she would order the syrup on the side next time. It caused her waffle to get a little too soggy.

Chicken n' Waffles

The service here was fantastic. Our waiter was extremely knowledgeable about the menu items, taking the time to tell us about the process to prepare the chicken, their housemade sauces and jams. Plus, I already mentioned that he made sure that our mimosa glasses were never empty.

The brunch aftermath

Brunchlust Rating: A This place says that they are all about the chicken. They should change their tagline to all about juicy, delicious chicken. And even if you’re a vegetarian, Whistle Britches still has great options to suit anyone. Go now!

6110 Frankford Road Dallas TX 75252

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