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Big A** Biscuits At Denver Biscuit Co.

We traveled out of Dallas again in search for some brunch greatness. Landing in the Mile High City of Denver, we were greeted with cool temps, high altitude, and some pretty fantastic brunch options. One of the spots we visited is the aptly named Denver Biscuit Company.

Denver Biscuit Company, before the line of people arrive!

Located inside of Atomic Cowboy, a warehouse-esque bar, Denver Biscuit Co. is filled with barstools and tables, lined with booths, and features a plethora of lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling. It's unpretentious and friendly as hell. It's a place that welcomes trendy folks and families. When we arrived at their open time, there was already a line. We soon found out why.

Such a fun and funky vibe inside...

My meal started off with my favorite one-two brunch beverage combo. A Poinsettia and a glass of water. The Poinsettia was fairly decent. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a 60/40 ratio of cranberry juice to champagne. The fact that it came not in a wine glass but in a whiskey tumbler made me feel right at home.

The Franklin. My lord, it was glorious!

On to the big a** biscuits! With a name like Denver Biscuit Co. we were expecting some pretty dope biscuits. And boy, they delivered. I had the Franklin, which is a fan favorite. A fried and flavorful chicken buttermilk chicken patty. Thick cut pork belly bacon. Cheddar cheese. Sausage gravy. All on a huge, fluffy biscuit. It was everything you imagine it could be. Perfect brunch food, all in one gigantic breakfast sandwich. If you like food PERIOD, you will love this.

Brunchlust Rating: A+ From the fantastic service (our server and the manager took great care of us!) to the completely satisfying biscuits, get to Denver Biscuit Co. as fast as you can. And tell them Brunchlust sent you.

3237 E Colfax Ave

Denver, CO

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