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So & So's Has Brunch "So'd" Up

I have probably driven past So & So’s hundreds…maybe thousands…of times. And never visited. A couple of weeks ago, that changed. And not only was I treated to a fabulous brunch, but live music, as well.

So & So’s, located on the vibrant Mckinney Avenue in the Uptown area, proved to be a good choice. As I entered the restaurant, I was allowed to choose my own seat, although there weren’t many left. Since So & So’s is located in a popular area of restaurants and bars, that wasn’t a surprise at all.

I chose a seat and was immediately greeted by the waitstaff. Since brunch without booze is really just a sad breakfast, I ordered a carafe of The Hangover Cure. Trust me when I tell you that you NEED to add this brunch cocktail to your experience…hangover or not. Combining St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, club soda and champagne, this was like summer in a glass. The St. Germain added a touch of sweetness, while the club soda balanced the sweetness out. Top new brunch cocktails for me!

The Hangover Cure

Now on to the food. There really are a lot of options on the brunch menu. From the less traditional brunch fare such as pizzas, salads and burgers, to brunch and breakfast favorites like pancakes, omelettes and breakfast tacos. I wasn’t in a breakfast kind of mood, as I hardly ever am, so I opted for the chicken strips.

Chicken Strips and Fries

Food came out the kitchen fresh. These were definitely not frozen chicken strips nor french fries. Chicken had just the right amount of seasoning and who doesn’t love fresh cut fries?

The most unexpected part of the brunch? The live music! Goga Denisov, a Dallas musician that plays his own instruments, played almost throughout our entire dining experience. Goga’s a sort of local Dallas legend. Once you hear his wide vocal range, you’ll definitely be a fan. He performed everything from opera to big band to hip hop. Yeah. He’s THAT diverse. I do have to say, although I enjoyed the music, it really was loud and made conversing with friends difficult.

Brunchlust Brunch Rating: A With a wide range of food and brunch and signature cocktail choices, I can tell you that it won’t be a month of Sundays before I’ll be back at So & So’s.

3309 McKinney Avenue

Dallas, TX 75204

Brunch hours: Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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