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Passport Edition: L’Avenue in Montreal Gets The Stamp of Approval

Our neighbors to the north, Canada, are known for their friendliness. And after visiting Montreal, I can say they’re known for their brunch, as well.

Montreal is a beautiful, older city. Even in their downtown area, you can find plenty of cobblestone streets and roads. Although I remember the good old days when you only needed a driver’s license and birth certificate to visit Canada (and Mexico), you’ll need to have a passport in hand to fly from the United States.

After some research, I opted to brunch at L’Avenue, which boasts three locations in the Greater Montreal area. Before you go, it’s important to note for us English speakers that French is the city’s official language. Not to worry as many of our friendly neighbors to the north are bilingual and a smile coupled with “Bonjour! Anglais s'il vous plait.”, which means “Hello! English, please.” will bridge any language barriers. Also, L’Avenue does not take reservations, so if you’re going during peak hours, expect there to a be a wait.

L’Avenue is a very eclectic, artsy, vibe type of place. This is an Instagram lovers paradise! From the wall murals and mannequins that greet you as you walk in, this place even has a weekly contest on Instagram that you can enter. There’s another Insta-worthy hidden gem but more on that later…

Each meal starts with a fruit skewer.

That was a welcome surprise, as who couldn’t use an extra serving on a daily basis? Pear juice was available, as well as an array of other housemade juice blends, so I opted for that instead of your traditional orange juice mimosa.

Menus are available in both English and French here. Thank goodness, as I’m really rusty from that semester of French in college. I opted for the “Bobby Does Dallas” skillet that featured grilled sirloin steak, cheddar, sautéed onions, and barbecue sauce on a bed of grilled breakfast potatoes…all topped with 3 scrambled free range eggs. WHEW! While I’m not one to normally opt for such a mashup of ingredients, I have to say this dish was very tasty. The steak and potatoes were seasoned very well and the steak was juicy.

Finally, I just did not have the willpower to resist a cup of Nutella coffee. Yes, you read that right. NUTELLA COFFEE. Albeit rich, it was a coffee and Nutella lovers DREAM.

Another noteworthy pointer, many establishments in Montreal bring over a mobile checkout handheld device. I’ve seen them in a few establishments here stateside but they’re meant to cut down on fraud.

After paying for my meal, I opted to head to the restrooms before calling my Uber. And hello…SELFIE MODE KICKED IN! The bathrooms have blacklighting with neon graffiti that glow painted on the walls. For sure, one of the coolest places to take a potty break.

Brunchlust Rating: A Great service. Great food. Great vibe. Grab your passport and go!

3612 Notre-Dame St West

Montreal, QC H4C 1P5, Canada (2 additional locations in the Greater Montreal area)

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