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Stellar Brunch at Bar Stellar

Super stylish interior.

Dallas has a special affinity for closing bars and reopening them, most often with new names and new concepts. Such is the case with Bar Stellar (formerly Stellar). Not a particularly large place, this small house-turned-cocktail bar is one of the newer locations in Dallas to offer brunch. So, of course, I felt it was my duty as a lover of brunch to check it out.

Upon first impression, Bar Stellar has parking issues. This bar is located on Henderson Avenue--a busy location for Dallas but lacking in street parking. I was able to get lucky and grab a spot right up front but just know you may have to search for a spot for a while and might have to walk a few blocks away. But luckily, this place delivers on food and drinks so if you're willing to brave it, you'll be greatly rewarded.

We've all been there before...

Bar Stellar has a small patio out front. For cold or rainy days, they have clear plastic enclosures and fire pits. For warm weather days, the enclosures are rolled back and there are fans to cool patrons off. If you love people watching, this is a great spot to be. On this trip, I opted to go inside and enjoy brunch at the bar.

Inside you'll find modern and art deco touches. I must say, this is probably one of my favorite pairings of decor and not enough places utilize it. Black and white patterns. Golden touches. Pinks, greens, and purples. It looks rich and upscale, without going overboard. Not to mention, they have a pretty dope neon sign that's ripe for picture taking. But enough about that. Let's get on to the meal!

The Hibiscus Rose was beautiful and tasty.

First the drinks. At the time of my brunch, Bar Stellar had recently stopped their "bottomless" brunch cocktails, thanks to our good friends at the TABC. So pricing is now by the glass and by the carafe. Since Nikki B was joining me, I opted to get a carafe of the Hibiscus Rosé. Champs, rosé, and a few dashes of hibiscus syrup. It was light and not too sweet. It really tasted like a great spring or summer cocktail but was pleased with my selection. Plus, the carafe was only $12 a pop, so it was definitely worth the pricing.

The Denver Omelette is definitely a filling meal.

Their brunch menu offers a really great variety of food. From light fares, to sweet dishes, to savory selections, I would say that you can find something for everyone here. I opted to have the Denver Omelette--ham, bell peppers, onions, cheddar. I just couldn't say no. It also came with a side of hash browns. It was a simple meal but the portion size was pretty big. The hashbrowns were really surprising. They were lightly fried but the tender potatoes made a really good compliment to the hearty omelette. I couldn't complain.

Brunchlust rating: B+ This place was nearly empty when we brunched there. But the food and cocktails are tasty so I imagine this place will become quite popular soon, especially when we start experiencing some warmer weather. You want to go sooner, rather than later.

2810 N Henderson Ave

Dallas, TX 75206

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