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Not Your Usual Brunch at Armoury D.E.

The Armoury. Can't miss this distinct bar front.

When I think of brunch, there are a few things that come to mind: bubbly beverages, fluffy pancakes, laughter from tables full of brunch loving people. I don't know what it is, but I picture a sunny, bright, happy atmosphere. Maybe because I love brunch so much. But I can say, Armoury D.E. has made me realize that brunch can be the complete opposite of what you picture but can still be a great experience.

My first thoughts when I walked into Armoury: Boy, it's dark in here. Save for the huge door in the front of the bar, there aren't any windows in this place. Lighting is provided by iron wrought fixtures and low level bulbs. The tables and chairs are a mixture of heavy wood and even heavier iron--as soon as you pull back your chair to sit down, you realize that it's the real deal. But the bar is lined with alcohol of every type and a number of tools for the craft bartenders to create beverage masterpieces.

The Deep 75 is a delicate drink.

I do want to point that out though: this is a craft bar experience. The usual favorite of brunch (carafes) are no where to be had here. Not everyone is searching for that in a brunch location. Now, you CAN get a mimosa (yes, it's on the menu) but you would really be doing a disservice to yourself to not try one of the crafted cocktails. On this trip, I ordered the Deep 75--vodka aperol, champagne, mint, bitters, lemon, and orange. This is a beverage to sip and enjoy--the multitude of ingredients create a different taste on the tongue, if you sip slowly. It was very good and a perfect way to start my morning.

The $h!t On a Shingle is great! (Probably the only time you will hear this sentence in your life.)

I had probably my most favorite brunch meal to order, since Brunchlust began: $h!t On A Shingle. To be honest, the name is really want made me go for this dish. Think of a breakfast scramble on top of a flat, crispy bread. They call this the cure for your hangover. Scrambled eggs, grilled red onions, smoked pork, and red peppers. All of that on top of a thin and crispy Hungarian langos, topped with swiss cheese. There are so many things going on with this dish but it's a great payoff. It's down right messy and delicious, just like you would expect from a hangover curing meal. If you REALLY want to kick it up a notch, order extra of the smoked paprika gravy that they put on the side. It's heavenly.

Brunchlust rating: A This is a craft brunch experience and I like it.

2714 Elm St

Dallas, TX 75226

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