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Good Times at Grayson Social

Grayson Social's entrance.

Who else has read The Great Gatsby? I did, in high school. I loved the story, not so much because of the plot, but because of the picture that was painted. The decadent parties, the feeling that every time that Jay Gatsby threw a party, it would be sparkling and magical. I became a fan of that Gatsby-esque decor as well. Art Deco. Straight lines, bold patterns, touches of gold and sparkle. And as soon as I walked into Grayson Social, I knew I would love it on the strength of the decor alone.

The posh bar area.

Think grays and neutral colors, golden touches, and Art Deco. That's what came to mind. If Jay Gatsby invited you to his home, I'm sure a room or two would look just like this. There's a dining area, bar area, and a raised seating area. For this particular visit, we sat in the bar area, among tall, upholstered chairs and golden trimmed walls.

The delicious Social Butterfly.

What was the first move? You guessed it. Cocktails! Grayson Social has an expansive brunch cocktail list. They're a craft bar and it shows. All types of Bloody Mary's, vodka based drinks, and bubble beverages are on the menu so there's pretty much something for everyone. I had the Social Butterfly--champagne, two types of bitters, curacao, and bourbon. Bold choices of liquors to mix but the cocktail was a great balance. It has a bit of a kick to it, for sure. But it's worth the price tag for a great craft cocktail.

The Chicken Fried Quail and Waffles is beautifully balanced.

Are you a Chicken and Waffles fan like I am? I took a chance and ordered the Chicken Fried Quail and Waffles. Yes, quail. It was admittedly my first time having quail and I have to say, probably not my last. The quail was covered with seasoned, cream gravy on top of quartered waffle triangles. Chantilly cream and seasonal berries lined the plate. It was a great dish. All of the flavors worked well together. My only complaint? Not enough quail. If they doubled the amount, it would be perfect.

Brunchlust Rating: B The bartender/server was very knowledgeable and talked about each dish and cocktail with us. There was also live music. It's a great spot to go, if you want something intimate and fresh.

1555 Elm Street

Dallas, TX

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