Brunch, Broadway Style!

Little known fact about me: I love musicals. When I was a kid, many of my summers were spent watching the American Movie Classics channel. I've seen nearly every musical you can think of, from the black and whites to the technicolor. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were my Beyoncé and Jay-Z dream team. To this day, I will stop flipping tv channels if I spot one.

My all-time favorite musical? Singin' In The Rain. It can literally turn a bad day into a great one. I can pretty much quote it word for word and watch it at least once every 6 weeks. Like, it's THAT level of awesome. So when I discovered that 1. Alamo Drafthouse (probably my favorite movie theater) offers Broadway musical brunches and 2. that the next musical up was Singin' In The Rain, I IMMEDIATELY jumped at the chance to go. It's like my two favorite things making an awesome sandwich!

If you've never been, Alamo Drafthouse has theater seating with tabletops in between, for food and beverage orders. There's no buttons to push to call an attendant. You write your order on a piece of paper and someone swoops by within a minute or two to get whatever you need. They have a stacked bar and the food is pretty great for a theater. But this was brunch, so you know what my drink order was--Poinsettia please! It had a decent ratio of champs to juice. But I think the best idea when you attend this show is to go with the Mimosa Duo bottle service: You get a full bottle of Cava plus OJ and grapefruit juices to mix. Perfect for a party of two.

For my food selection, I went with the Sweet Potato Chorizo Hash--diced sweet potatoes, chorizo, eggs, cilantro, and goat cheese. I have to say, it was a REALLY good dish. Goat cheese is one of my favorite cheeses and often gets looked over. But it really brought this dish together well, with it's tangy flavor. My only problem was that there wasn't enough food--if they doubled the food portion on this dish, it would have hit the spot. I actually ended up leaving and going to grab more food because hunger.

Brunchlust Rating: B For the love of musicals, go! Just know that you might need to have a snack beforehand.

Alamo Drafthouse

1005 S Lamar St

Dallas, TX 75215

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