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Feed Company, Too!

Brunchlust decided to visit a newcomer to the Dallas scene for this week's review. Only open for about two weeks, Feed Company Eatery and Bourbon Lounge did not disappoint. Feed Company has been highly anticipated on the Dallas food and drink scene. So much so, unfortunately, that thieves decided to break in and steal lots of their rare bourbons a couple of days before their anticipated opening. Not to be discouraged, the awesome owners/management of this place decided to press forward, albeit a couple of days’ construction and repair delay. Gotta love that resiliency!

For those familiar with Dallas, you know the parking situation in Lower Greenville can be a nightmare. No problems here. At least for the time being. There’s a dedicated lot that has enough parking spaces to accommodate the intimate spacing inside. The modern but quaint space offers a patio that is perfect for some al fresco dining...or drinking. No judgment here! There isn’t a ton of seating indoors so once the word gets out about this place, I’d recommend making reservations.

Let’s start with the drinks. As the name implies, there a LOT of bourbon here. The entire back bar wall is 98% bourbon. There is a separate menu that contains all of the bourbon offerings. At the present time, there isn’t much to offer in the way of brunch specific cocktails, although I’m sure the bartenders can whip up whatever you desire. No carafes or by the glass specials to be found right now. So we just opted to get a bottle of sparkling wine.

Sparkling wine and the Steel Cup bourbon cocktail

On to the food. Feed Company strives to locally source as much of its menu as possible. This means plenty of fresh, hormone free and organic food offerings. And they serve breakfast. All day. Every day. (While they are open.) So this TECHNICALLY means that you can get your brunch on EVERY SINGLE DAY. *swoon* Traditional brunch menu offerings were not abundant, but not a problem. There was a diverse selection of things to try from pancakes to sandwiches to salads to steak and more. Our trio tried a variety of things, but I opted for the chicken sandwich and tater tots. This was not a traditional white meat chicken offering, the way that most do it. So if you were prepared for white meat, as I was, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Two thirds of the owners and managers, Patrick and Anthony, both made it a point to stop by our table, introduce themselves and welcome us to their new bar and restaurant. It really put a nice touch on top of a great meal. They informed us that the menu will be constantly evolving, with more brunch offerings to come soon. So I THINK this means another visit in the near future. On second thought, it definitely does!

Brunchlust Rating: A This place is going to be a hit on the Dallas scene. Happy to not only be one of the first to try it, but looking forward to a repeat visit to try their newly added brunch items as well!

5631 Alta Ave. Dallas, TX 75206 (214) 821-3415

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