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Embrace The Weird At Takoba

Can't miss the big red arrow at Takoba!

Another morning, another day to enjoy brunch. Hello Lusters! Let's hit the road and travel to Austin for this review. I enjoy Austin. A lot. It's a different vibe than other cities that I've come across in Texas. They truly embrace their unofficial slogan of "Keep It Weird." Seen as the artistic hub in Texas, there's lots of street art, music acts, interesting architecture...just a mixture of creative things to see and do. The food scene is no different--there's a number of cuisine types available, so I was particularly excited to try a different type of brunch vibe here. Our taste buds took us to Takoba. While there are an enormous amount of Tex-Mex places all over Texas, Takoba is straight Mexican cuisine. Mayan influences run throughout this establishment, from the food to the decor. We opted to sit out on their patio. Different from a traditional patio, this one features a dirt and rock floor and metal dining sets. It was a cool February morning but Takoba had partitions up and a heater going to keep up comfortable.

Bloody Mary and mimosa carafe--both great.

Let's start with the drinks. Because we all love a good brunch drink deal, right? Takoba does not disappoint. Carafes are only $7. And Bloody Marys are $5. As usual, we ordered a Poinsettia carafe (a mimosa with cranberry juice instead of orange juice) and a Bloody Mary. The carafes were on point. Great juice to champs ratio and was filled to nearly the brim. Our brunch guest remarked on how good the Bloody Mary was, noting that it was particularly spicy. So if you love Bloody Marys with a kick, this is definitely the spot for you.

Huevos Rancheros, for the win!

I decided to go with a meatless brunch option on this day and selected the Huevos Rancheros--a tostada topped with fried eggs, salsa roja, and cheese. It came with a side of refried beans and breakfast potatoes. For the vegetarians out there, this meal was a win. Everything was fresh and flavorful. I hit it with a couple of shakes of Tabasco and that took it to the next level. There was plenty of food on the plate and I left with a full and happy stomach.

Brunchlust Rating: A When eating meatless, it can be a task to find a meal that hits the spot all around. But Takoba was truly authentic Mexican food.

1411 East 7th Street

Austin, TX

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