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Easy Sunday Funday At The Eberhard

The Eberhard and they nice and gigantic signage. Easy to spot!

Sunday Funday brunching is a big part of life here in Texas and as such there is often a need for brunch locations that can handle big groups of people. It's not only about the size of the building; it's also about the service quality and speed of the kitchen staff that can make or break a large brunch parties' day. I'm glad to say that The Eberhard can handle your group brunching needs.

The Eberhard is located in the highly walkable Knox-Henderson area of Dallas. With a number of bars in the area, bar hopping is a common activity. However, no need to move around. Once you get to the Eberhard, just plan on spending your day in the airy and light-filled bar. If you've seen our video from the day we launched Brunchlust, you can see just how spacious and airy it is. You shouldn't have any issue locating a table, whether your party is for two or ten.

Tasty goodness from Steel City Pops.

We know what you want to hear and don't worry, they have them. CARAFE SPECIALS! Yes, you can get a carafe for a lovely $8. Even if you aren't much of a drinker, at that price, you can pretty much buy that and not break the bank. Also, we would be remiss to point out that on the day we attended, nearby neighbors Steel City Pops coupled up with the Eberhard to create some very delicious boozy, fruit pop drinks. I highly recommend them, booze or not. And for my Bloody Mary drinkers, they have a fully stocked Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar. Seasonings, peppers, hot sauces, bacon--they have what you need.

For my meal, I chose to have the Steak & Eggs. Angus beef flat iron steak with soft scrambled eggs, country potatoes, and I added a side of fruit. I wasn't expecting the fruit to be dried but it actually went along with the meal quite nicely. My steak was grilled to perfection--medium rare. The steak was flavorful and I wouldn't hesitate to have it again.

Brunchlust Review: A Good food, good drinks, good service, plus a DJ spinning tunes. Why would you not?

2107 N Henderson Ave

Dallas, TX 75206

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