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Holiday Brunch in Chicago at Batter & Berries

Brunchlust took to the road for the holidays and headed to Chicago. Christmas Day landing on a Sunday almost put a halt to Sunday brunching. But after some extensive research we were excited to find that one of Chicago’s most popular brunch spots, Batter & Berries, was open for business.

Located in the popular Lincoln Park area, Batter & Berries is a bright and airy BYOB establishment. Rumor has it that there are always extensive lines to be seated, as they do not take reservations. Nor do they seat incomplete parties. They are open DAILY, even on the holidays.

We arrived to the restaurant with quite a few patrons having Christmas Day brunch, but no wait. It is of note that the Lincoln Park area is well known for its limited parking, but the holiday seemed to clear things up. Street parking on Lincoln Avenue in front of the restaurant is paid metered as well. One in our party of three was running late so we sat in a small waiting area.

Once we were able to be seated with our complete party, it was time for the champagne to start flowing. We popped open a bottle, received an ice bucket and were given the option of purchasing a signature Batter & Berries flute. Some coffee was definitely in order as well!

I opted for the jerk salmon omelet, which was one of the daily specials. It was topped with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. All omelets are served with a side of their famous cheesy hash browns. I also ordered a side of the chicken apple sausage.

Another in our party opted for the caramel french toast.

My omelet was unpalatable for me as there was this juice that the food was just swimming in. Maybe it was jerk sauce but there was more of that than there was salmon, as there wasn’t much of the latter to speak of. It was more like a mushroom omelet that was swimming in jerk sauce. As I looked around at others in the restaurant who ordered the jerk salmon omelet as we were leaving, they certainly looked much more delicious than mine did. I definitely think I got a bad one. Chicken apple sausage was a more sweet than others that I have tried, but still delicious.

The cheesy hash browns were fantastic. I tasted the french toast and it was great as well. I'm normally not a sweet breakfast kind of gal, but this could change my mind.

I would definitely return to Batter & Berries, but the jerk omelet was certainly not something I would EVER recommend. The service was great and the staff was very friendly. The chef even personally brought out the food. I look forward to returning to Chicago and reviewing Batter & Berries again.

Brunchlust Rating: C+ The food certainly left something to be desired but I will definitely give them another chance. This is a known hotspot for brunch in the city and there’s got to be reason for that. Looking forward to finding it on my return.

2748 North Lincoln Ave

Chicago, IL 60614

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