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The Simplicity Of BBC

DIYCarafes at BBC

Despite all of the new and hot brunch spots in Dallas that we like to review for you, there are certain spots that we hold near and dear to our hearts. They aren't the newest, they aren't the trendiest, but they are consistent and having brunch there is always a solid call. One of the spots that we think of in such a way is British Beverage Company in Uptown. BBC is set up like a British pub. Dark wood is everywhere, from the booths to the tables to the floor, and the walls. Beers of all types are lined up in taps by the bar. There's a pool table. Some outdoor patio games, like giant Jenga. And TV screens galore. There's a certain spot where you can sit that will allow you to view at least 3 different games at once, from the comfort of your chair. If you want to enjoy a Football Sunday Brunch, this is one of the spots I'd direct you too.

All the juices at the Mimosa Bar!

Speaking of brunch, let's get right to the point. Yes, they have mimosa drink specials. For just $10, you can get a carafe of bubbles and your choice of juices at the Mimosa Bar. My personal tip to you is to ask for a separate glass (or glasses) and pour your juice in there, so you don't have to get up every time you want a refill. They offer a good variety too. OJ, cranberry, peach, mango, you name it!

The Fish & Chips is bloody good, mate!

BBC has the standard fare of brunch delicacies. Eggs, bacon, steak, french toast...but my personal favorite is the Fish & Chips. Hands down, BBC is home to one of the best fish and chips meal that I've had in Dallas. Perfectly golden, crispy batter with a soft and flavorful flaky fish on the inside. The fries are consistently the same. Fried to a golden perfection. Soft potato on the inside. And the seasoning they toss them in makes using ketchup not even a necessity. Yes, it's not your usual choice for brunch but when it comes to brunch, you can get as creative as you want.

Brunchlust Rating: B Yes, they are a solid choice for brunch. Probably the best choice if you want simple foods and drinks. But if you want something more bold or daring, this won't fit you.

2800 Routh St

Dallas, TX 75201

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