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Hangover? Ivy Tavern Has The Cure

Dive bars are always an interesting experience for me. Often times they have great drink specials and an atmosphere that's unique. It's a great place to meet up with people for unpretentious drinking or make new friends with colorful characters. Well now you can add "have a great brunch" to that list with Ivy Tavern. With the help of Celebrity Chef Patrick Stark and Chef David Rodriguez, you can flip the script on your Sunday Funday plans and kick back at the Tavern.

Set up buffet style, the Hangover Brunch is everything you need to get your life back on track before the sun sets. I think the star of the show is the homemade biscuits. They're fluffy and soft and heavy and rich and everything a biscuit should be. But make no mistake, everything else on the menu is incredible. Chicken and waffles. Homemade yogurt. Peppered bacon. Seasoned scrambled eggs. Gravy for your biscuits or chicken or just for your life. Breakfast potatoes. And the best homemade hot sauce I've had in a long time.

Because you can't call it brunch without liquor, Ivy Tavern offers up a host of custom cocktails for your brunch needs. I opted to try The Eden - a Crown Royal Apple cocktail that is perfect for the autumn season. Like mimosa carafes? You definitely want to come here. They're only $10 and they fill the carafes up to the top.

But the party doesn't end there. There's a DJ also on site to help you easy into the week with a groove in your step. We were dancing in our seats the whole time, and not just because the food was so great. It really did put the Funday in Sunday for me. Well done, Ivy Tavern. Well done.

Brunchlust Rating: A Great food, great drinks, AND a DJ??? THIS is what brunch should be like!

5334 Lemmon Ave

Dallas, TX 75209

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