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City Council Bangs The Gavel On Brunch Greatness

Uptown is one of my favorite areas of Dallas. It's quite walk-able so a lot of restaurants and bars are gonna be fairly close. Often times you'll find a neighborhood spot if you just randomly drive through the streets. Such was the case for me and the discovery of City Council. Tucked away on side streets and just a block away from another favorite brunch spot of mine, City Council is a neighborhood discovery that you'll want to call your own.

Poinsettia & Bloody Mary. Delish.

City Council sits right on the corner of the block, so anywhere you sit will give you pretty good people watching options. They have a huge patio that's fairly shaded by trees and sports some large fans. It's also pet friendly so pet lovers, feel free to get your brunch on. Inside, large windows keep this place pretty airy. There's a small area of couches where you can wait for one of the bar height tables to open up or you can actually eat there, in comfort. Our group opted for the latter.

My usual plan of attack when it comes to reviews is to order a cocktail and order an entree. I try to switch it up in different locations so I can get a feel for each spot's version of brunch favorites. City Council made me change up my style. The first spot that ever enticed me to that end.

Frozen Sunset Bellini

My first order of business was to have my usual brunch cocktail, a Poinsettia. They serve their carafes here in the best way I enjoy - a carafe of champs and a side carafe of juice, so you can tailor your beverage as you see fit. It was perfect. Other brunch cocktails that made it to our table include Bloody Marys and a Frozen Sunset Bellini. Everyone was more than happy with their drink choices.

At this point I usually move onto the entree but City Council hooked me in with this category on their menu: Boozy Cereals. Sugary, sweet cereals meet spiked milk. It's like the best of your childhood and adulthood brought together. I opted for the Fruit Bites. If you are a fan of cocktails like White Russians, which I happen to be, then you will love this. The milk alone is fantastic but when you add the sweetness from the cereal, it makes it almost like drinking strawberry milk. With a kick. It was great and worth the try.

The OG!

For my entree, I opted for the Big Ass Biscuits section of the menu. With a title like that, how could I not? I had the OG. Large, homemade biscuit filled with crispy fried chicken, layered with bacon slices, cheddar cheese, a fried egg and covered in country gravy. It was probably a bazillion calories. If you have a cheat day in your meal plan, THIS is how you want to cheat. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this meal. The biscuits were toasted on the outside and soft on the inside. The chicken was crispy and juicy. The egg/bacon/cheddar cheese/gravy combination was out of this world. If you can't tell, I highly recommend this dish.

Brunchlust Rating: A+ For the food, the cocktails, and the staff, you can't do much better than this place. You could easily start your Sundays with brunch here and get so swept up, you'll stay until the evening news comes on. I bang the gavel on City Council. It's Brunchlust approved.

2901 Thomas Ave

Dallas, TX 75204

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