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Green Means Go At Cedar Grove

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday. The days of throwing a big birthday bash are pretty much gone. Now, I value things like sitting down, drinking wine, and filling my belly with awesome food. For this year, I decided I was gonna celebrate with a birthday brunch. Of course I would, right? Cedar Grove was my selected destination. This relatively new restaurant has a great buzz but it wasn't the reviews that brought me here. Nope. What was it? The green chairs.

Green is my favorite color and the whimsical white wooden forest inside the restaurant is peppered with stylish emerald green seating. The wide space feels airy and refreshing. A wall of mirrors behind the seating helps to make this spot seem large yet intimate. There's a DJ who knows how to mix grooves with low volume levels, so you don't have to shout your orders to your waiter. The staff is friendly and fun, checking on you with a smile. But let's talk about what you really want to know. The brunch.

Pour-To-Your-Taste Mimosas & Poinsettias!

I am a fan of spots that recognize that the ratio of juice to champagne in mimosas and poinsettias is a personal preference. Some say 50/50 is right. Others 70% juice, 30% champ. Or folks like me who tend to go more 80% champs, 20% juice. Cedar Groves leaves it up to you by pouring your glass full with champagne and giving you a personal juice carafe, to make your perfect brunch beverage. I must also give honorable mention to their Mule flight! 4 different types of Moscow Mules for your tasting pleasure. Usually, when you order flights, they're all smaller than a full cocktail, so you can taste and explore. Cedar Grove wants you to get the full experience: they offer 4 full sized Mules, in copper cups. Just like the good Lord would want you to have. Amen.

Steak & Eggs at Cedar Grove

I decided to go with a favorite brunch plate of mine, Steak and Eggs. Gotta balance out all of the booze with some grade A protein, right? And balance it out it did. A flavorful potato hash was well seasoned--crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this is how potatoes should be made. Crispy onion pieces provided a great follow up crunch as well. I ordered the steak medium rare, my go-to temperature for red meats. It was cooked perfectly, but the flavor was a bit on the salty side. I was glad to have the scrambled eggs to edge out that saltiness, otherwise I may have had to send it back.

Brunchlust Rating: B While the food and atmosphere was great, and seating was fast, it took nearly an hour for our meals to be served. And that's from the time we put in the order. There were only 6 people, so it wasn't a massive party but the length of time we had to wait did sour the mood. Thankfully, the manager was apologetic and worked to make things right. I'll be back again some time.

4123 Cedar Springs Rd

Dallas, TX 75219

Brunch Hours: Sunday, 10 am to 3 pm

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