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Unlocking Secret Location

Secret Location, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nestled along the brick laid streets of downtown Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, you'll find a beautiful restaurant and retail store by the name of Secret Location. Yes, that's the name. Even with such a discreet name, this is definitely a spot you want to get involved with.

When you walk into the building, you head straight ahead to the Tasting Room -- an elegantly laid dining area, with plush seats and sleek tables as opposed to your standard restaurant seating. If you want to host an event, have an intimate meal, or celebrate the week with a few friends, this is the post you want to go to.

How gorgeous is this?

The menu is highly crafted with amazing palate stimulating chef plates and cocktails. But don't fear. If you seek comforts of tradition breakfast items, you can order that as well. Fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, pastries, and the like are ready for the less adventurous. I decided to take a chance in this beautiful city and selected the Prosecco & Crêpes as my dish of choice.

Prosecco & Crêpes. YES.

Lights and lemony crêpes artfully covered with shattered citrus pieces (Yes, as in citrus fruit frozen with liquid nitrogen and shattered!), stuffed with refreshing Bavarian Cream and dotted with foamed Prosecco. Yes, Prosecco. In foam form. How could I resist? Thankfully, it lived up to it's expectations. It's extremely light on the stomach. The flavors are almost refreshing and leave you feeling like your taste buds have been cleansed. I ordered a side of their bacon with it and I felt that was a great compliment.

Brunchlust Rating: A+ Not only was the food fantastic, the servers and staff were exceptional. Everyone had full glasses of water and cocktails throughout our time there. Unfortunately, at the time of this review posting, we've learned that Secret Location is changing their venue. Their conceptual store is undergoing a makeover and the Tasting Room with be no more. But we are hopeful that they will bring back this restaurant in a new way. Everyone deserves to experience it, at least once.

One Water Street

Vancouver, BC, Canada

V6B 1A1

Brunch hours: Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays 10 am to 5 pm

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