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The Not-So-Strange Oddfellows

The Frozen Sangria and Aperol Spritz.

Clearly we love brunch here at Brunchlust and we give it it's utmost attention. I imagine people think that there's a lot of preparation that goes into our reviews. Yes, we do our research. Yes, we have an idea of the kind of food or environment that we want to experience. So if you think we do a lot of prep work for this brunch life, then you would be correct. But something has to be said for those days that you just decide you're gonna go brunch on a whim. This is what brought a friend and I to Oddfellows in Bishop Arts District.

I am a fan of the Bishop Arts District. It's filled with creative shops, different kinds of cuisines, and is very walkable. Parking can be a bit of a pain but it's understandable given the popular spots sprinkled all around. Now normally I try to include a shot of the outside of the building, for location purposes, but on this day the rain and wind had other plans for me and my camera. And even though it was storming outside, this coffeehouse/diner was busy, with a 30 minute wait for 2 people. So arriving early to put in a walk-up reservation would be a good idea. I must shout them out--they use a reservation system that is linked with the Yelp app. It's very neat; it gives you a real-time update on where you stand in line. It was a nice touch. I was able to take shelter from the rain in my car down the street while waiting for my table.

The Pork Belly Benedict is as good as it looks.

We started out with drinks. I had been on their website prior to my arrival and was looking forward to trying a rosè based cocktail but alas they were out. So I had the Aperol Spritz--sparkling, Topo Chico, and aperol. It was OK. I tried the glass--they offer this is carafe form but I can't say that I would get that. I think I'd just go for a carafe of mimosas instead. My friend ordered the Frozen Sangria and she wasn't too impressed with it. It wasn't horrible but she wouldn't order it again.

The Short Rib Hash was filling.

Let's talk about the food. The drinks kinda had me worried but Oddfellows really redeemed themselves in my eyes here. I ordered the Pork Belly Benedict. If you are a bacon fan. If you are a benedict fan. If you are a fan of just food in general, this will be the one for you. The poached eggs were perfectly done. The pork belly was thick and crispy on the edges. The hollandaise wasn't overpowering. And the breakfast potatoes on the side were great, although I wanted more. But I was completely satisfied with this dish. My brunch mate ordered the Short Rib Hash and was happy with her selection as well.

Brunchlust Rating: B The service was spot on. If they had a stronger drink menu, they would really have a great combination. But this is a solid choice for a fairly unique brunch.

316 W 7th St

Dallas, TX 75208

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