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Crú Love

Crú Wine Bar in Plano

If you can't tell, I love wine. Years ago I was the lucky winner of a trip to Napa Valley and it was there where I discovered my love for all things vino. Often I will walk into my local grocery store and pick up a few bottles that I've never had before, just to see how I like them. So when I happened upon a wine bar that offered brunch, I called my crew and IMMEDIATELY made it happen.

Crú Wine Bar has a few locations throughout the metroplex, including a spot inside Dallas Love Field airport. They also have locations in Austin, Dallas, Denver, and Alpharetta. We visited the location in Plano at the Shops at Legacy. Crú Plano is an intimate location, with an outdoor patio area. Inside, seating varies from couches, to tables, to benches. The walls are lined with a variety of wines (insert heart eyes here) and there's even a piano for musical accompaniment during some evenings.

Bellini Cipriani and Goat Cheese Beignets! Delish!

So first things first: carafe specials. They have them. For $10 a carafe, you can go traditional mimosa or try their variations--Bellini Cipriani (peach and prosecco!) and Blood Peach Bellini (blood peach, moscato d'asti, and lemon!). We tasted both the Bellini Cipriani and the Blood Peach Bellini and they were both fantastic. You can't go wrong with either of these. We also ordered an appetizer, at the suggestion of our waiter. The Goat Cheese Beignets are a MUST. Soft, puff pastry filled with delicious, creamy, warm goat cheese and topped with chocolate, honey, and berries. My word, it's decadent and rich and can turn your day around with each bite.

I honestly could have enjoyed beignets and bellinis all morning and would have been satisfied but alas, we moved onto the main course. I had the Crú Scamble--scrambled eggs with rock shrimp and lobster, with a side of baby spinach. I also had bacon and breakfast potatoes because yum. I enjoyed my dish. It had more shrimp and lobster pieces than I expected so I was pleasantly surprised. Other dishes at our table: Shrimp and Grits and Steak and Eggs. The Shrimp and Grits was not well received unfortunately. My guest commented that it had a strong "fishy" taste, as if the shrimp was thawed and tossed on the grits. But the Steak and Eggs was well received.

Brunchlust rating: B I personally enjoyed the food and drinks, but it seemed like it wasn't a consistent idea shared by everyone. Also, our service was incredibly slow and they ran out of brunch cocktails. It would be worth going again, but maybe right when they start to avoid any of these slip ups.

Shops at Legacy Location

7201 Bishop Rd Ste E2

Plano, TX

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