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Cozy Bites at The Bonneville

Direct views of the Colorado River!

Brunchlust hit the road and landed in Austin, Texas. If you've never been to Austin before, make the time. Austin is one of my favorite cities to visit in Texas. Eclectic, artistic, full of life and a fun time, Austin is a great city to explore. If you love the outdoors, Austin has you covered. There's running and walking paths galore. All sorts of outdoor opportunities with like-minded people. Love the arts and music? Austin is one of the most artistic and music driven cities in Texas. Many well known and underground artists make their way through this city. And if you love cuisine of all types, Austin has you covered there as well.

Bright and spacious Bonneville.

We came across The Bonneville while driving through the city. Located right next to the Colorado River, The Bonneville is an open-space, modern restaurant nestled between the city's office buildings. It's the kind of place that you could see folks heading to after a long day at work. For such an open and airy place, it felt very cozy when we walked inside. On the day of our visit, it happened to be Pajama Brunch, so the entire waitstaff and bartenders were dressed appropriately.

The Sunday Brunch Bottle Service is a nice touch!

Let's start with drinks, shall we? You know I love a great brunch drink deal. I'm sure we all do. Does this place have them? Yes. They offer a mimosa carafe deal. We actually partook of their Brunch Bottle Service on this day--you receive a bottle of sparkling, plus three different types of juices to blend. If you want to go a little upscale with your brunch, this totally fits. One of our guests at brunch ordered a Bloody Mary and exclaimed how good it was on first sip, for all of my BM drinkers.

The Shakshuka, in all of its glory.

Now the food. In search of trying something different from my norm, I opted to have the Shakshuka. Poached and beautifully runny eggs served in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, with crusty homemade bread on the side and topped with cilantro and feta cheese. If you are vegetarian, want to eat healthy, don't want anything sweet, are human...I would TOTALLY suggest this dish. It was filling and the flavors just worked really well. It comes served in a cast-iron pan so it stayed warm the entire time I was enjoying it. Thumbs up.

Brunchlust Rating: A The Bonneville is a great brunch spot to visit. It wasn't crowded, the menu offers something for everyone, and the staff are attentive. It was a great discovery that people need to get involved with.

2nd Street District

202 W Cesar Chavez St

Austin, TX 78701

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