Cozy Up To Cedars Social

December 11, 2016


You know what I love about the brunch movement? Some of my favorite spots have embraced brunch and it allows me another chance to digest each spot in a new way. Such is the case with Cedars Social in Dallas. Located next to the SouthSide Lamar building, Cedars Social has been a hip bar that is popular with locals and a great spot to take visiting out-of-towners. If you are graced with visiting when the weather is pleasant, the outdoor patio with bench seating and a large fire pit is the place to be. If it's a bit cooler or if you prefer to take your talents indoors, Cedars Social is filled with everything from two seater bistro sets to large 8 party tables. There's even a nook called The Library that's filled with books (duh, right?) and couches for a more intimate gathering. Creative bar staff keep the unique and quirky libations flowing. Not to mention their iPod powered playlist keeps folks grooving in their seats. It's eclectic, funky, and a good time in a great spot.



So fast forward to their Sunday Brunch. If you want a traditional brunch offering of things like pancakes, eggs, will find a few here. But not your traditional plates. Deviled Eggs (which are amazing, by the way), Pork Chop & Eggs, and French Toast made with Brioche bread is some of what you can find here. And because we love our brunch drinks here at Brunchlust, I would be remiss to mention that they offer bottomless mimosas for a mere $10. Our waiter kept our glasses on full.



As my meal, I chose to have the Smoked Salmon BLT. A marriage of smoked salmon, crisp lettuce, plenty of strips of bacon, all in a ciabatta bread bun. The smoked salmon was fantastic. Smoky and carrying just a hint of saltiness. Unfortunately the ciabatta bread was absolutely slathered in mayonnaise. As a mayonnaise lover, it was entirely too much. I didn't get a chance to enjoy it as a sandwich. My suggestion, if you end up ordering this item, is to ask them to go easy on the mayo or ask for it on the side. Or do what I did:  I ended up eating it open-faced, which actually worked out. It comes with a side of delicious homestyle fries AKA breakfast potatoes. I put the salmon, lettuce, and bacon on top of that and went to town. That actually might be a great menu item, to be honest. 

Brunchlust Rating: B I love Cedars Social as a neighborhood bar and now as a brunch staple. Despite my food not quite meeting my expectations, I wouldn't hesitate to go again.


The Cedars Social

1326 S. Lamar Street

Dallas, TX

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